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Balls to Brexit: Britain is Open

Britain is Open #LondonIsOpen - balls to Brexit!
Britain is Open #LondonIsOpen - balls to Brexit!
Britain is open for business, tourism, industry and innovation, it's not a closed off insular and prejudiced backwater! That's the message coming from London Mayor Sadiq Khan with his hashtag campaign #LondonIsOpen, and it's being proven by the likes of national constructor Galliford Try's bullish outlook. #BritainIsOpen

I read an excellent guide written for the construction industry this week about surviving Brexit. The author was advising everyone to remain calm and reflect on the positives, rather than just lamenting the fact that the worst has seemingly already happened in the form of a vote to leave the EU.

Clearly Sadiq Khan has also read the same guide, because he is driving a very determined offensive to prove that London is open for business, and no one should have any worries about investing in the capital city.


This week the latest stage of his initiative is to invite creatives and creative agencies “to submit strategic media ideas and visual responses to a new open-brief campaign declaring London open for business, innovation and culture.”

The drive is in direct response to the news that many think tanks and experts predict a brain drain from the creative industry across UK is inevitable following Brexit.

According to website It’s Nice That, Sadiq Khan’s LondonIsOpen campaign “seeks not only to secure the capital’s ongoing status as a global city through maintaining business and enterprise, but also promoting culture, creativity and innovation.”

The Mayor and his office have adopted the hastag #LondonIsOpen to draw global attention to what the capital city has to offer. And the Mayor is applying it to updates about his work as he reaches out to demonstrate that London is still the place to be for investors, tourists, workers, families and business.

The Best in Britain Say Balls to Brexit

The hastag and indeed the concept that #LondonIsOpen have been pounced on by anyone and everyone keen to demonstrate that the capital city is international, welcoming, prosperous and firmly IN the EU, and that those living, working and doing business in London are equally open in terms of their views.

The initial intense fears about what Brexit could mean for Britain, the British economy and British people have subsided slightly in some corners of the country.

And with efforts like Mayor Khan’s, hopefully our neighbours in Europe will be able to see and believe that Britain isn’t actually seeking to cut itself off from the rest of the world and ignorantly isolate itself!

Construction Industry Can Weather the Brexit Storm

Finally, bringing some positivity to the construction industry this week post-Brexit was news from Galliford Try. This is a FTSE 250 business and one of the UK’s leading house building and construction groups.

In a statement to the City the construction group said it’s bullish about its prospects over the next 18 months in spite of the vote to leave the EU.

Britain is Open – #BritainIsOpen

Let’s hope more British companies and UK based businesses can find equally positive news stories to share in the coming months of uncertainty. Let’s also take inspiration from Mayor Khan and adopt the hashtag #BritainIsOpen to stop the fear and start the process of rebuilding and repairing.

Starting with shouting loudly about how strong Galliford Try is looking, I say #BritainIsOpen!

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