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Competition Will Reward the Best in London’s Construction Industry

London's Construction Stars Competition
London's construction industry employs some of the most hard working, innovative professionals in the country, and London Build Expo wants to discover who you think are the best of the best. You can nominate yourself or any other shining star in the capital's build industry for the chance to win a prestigious award.

The London Build Expo is fast approaching, and the latest call to action from the organisers is to nominate an unsung hero in the construction industry.

You can nominate either yourself or someone else if you believe you or they qualify.

Qualification Criteria for the Latest London Build Competition

The qualification criteria are broad.

Basically the newest competition from London Build Expo is open to anyone who has shown great skills, qualities or innovation in any discipline relevant to the London construction profession.

The competition is called London’s Construction Stars, and there aren’t really any restrictions on who can be nominated.

Who Could You Nominate for London’s Construction Stars Competition?

Are you one of London's construction stars?You could nominate: –

  • A visionary architect
  • An exceptionally dedicated contractor
  • A placemaking centered developer
  • A strategically clever investor
  • A tradesperson who’s a craftsperson
  • An incredibly enthusiastic student
  • A very hard working intern
  • Yourself

What Makes Someone a Star?

It’s a very subjective opinion isn’t it – but the judges will be looking for someone whose abilities and actions have really stood out.

So, has someone you know risen to the top of their field quickly based purely on merit?

Or perhaps you know of someone who has inspired others around them?

Maybe there is someone at your company whose work has actually transformed, changed and improved people’s lives through their work on a new development or regeneration project.

What about a solution provider who has created something that innovates? Or a truly gifted tradesperson whose work is exceptional?

Perhaps you’re the one who deserves recognition for your hard work and achievements?

Only Sad People Nominate Themselves Right?

Actually, exceptional people nominate themselves.

After all, why should anyone wait for someone else to say great things about them?

No one knows you and what you’re capable of better than yourself.

So don’t hide your light under a bushel, don’t be shy of demonstrating your commitment, skills, achievements and hard work. Consider nominating yourself rather than waiting and hoping someone else will do it for you.

All nominations are strictly confidential anyway…

The Nomination, Shortlist and Winners Processes

Don’t miss the chance to be shortlisted as one of London’s Construction Stars at this year’s London Build Expo. Nominations have to be in before the expo begins on October the 26th.

You can enter online, and you will need to write up to 100 words on why the person you’re nominating deserves to be named one of London’s Construction Stars.

All entries will initially be judged by an expert panel, before shortlisted entrants are put to a public vote.

10 stars will then be chosen and rightly celebrated! Find out more at the London Build Expo website – we will be showcasing the winners here on VoxUrban later in the year.

Main image: By Daniel Chapma – Flickr, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=36611656

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