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TenderSpace Brings Cloud Technology to City Building

Tender Space
TenderSpace Brings Cloud Technology to City Building

A new on-line platform TenderSpace is revolutionising the construction industry.

Cloud technology is already big and continues to evolve every day.  It is taking up more and more spheres of our life from personal use to games, to managing SME, to big corporations and businesses.

Being a big traditional industry construction has been slow in adopting the marvels of the of digital age: the BIM summit recently published the statistics that construction spends about 1% of revenue on technology – the lowest of all major industries.

However, some companies do believe that they can help push this industrial dinosaur into the digital era by developing and offering effective and simple solutions to serve the construction industry’s needs.

TenderSpace – a Cloud-Based Solution for Everyone Involved in Construction

TenderSpace is a comprehensive set of online tools for everyone involved in property and construction.

TenderSpace connects clients, contractors, professionals and suppliers through its unique ToolBox which has been developed in conjunction with experts from the sector.

It is run on a “freemium” model, with major tools free to use and upgrades starting at £250 a year for two users. Around 1,000 users have already signed up.

The ToolBox provides a large suite of mostly free on-line tools which allow users to connect, analyse and manage the complex workflows and processes involved in any construction related project.

The ToolBox simplifies effective project management and collaboration and can be used to build new teams and source materials.  It improves efficiency and adds value by having everything in one place.

The Toolbox is a great solution for large developers, contractors, specialists and others involved in construction. From feasibility to design, procurement and construction, TenderSpace simplifies and solves problems, reducing risk and adding value.

All registered users can enjoy the free use of the Profile Builder tool – an intuitive and simplified version of the industry standard PAS91 Pre-Qualification Questionnaire, designed to eliminate wasted time, effort and investment involved in completing repetitious questionnaires. TenderSpace makes it possible to fill in the PQQ form just once and then share it with any potential client.

A low cost subscription unlocks the Work Finder tool, allowing contractors to directly tender for jobs before competitors. It also gives organisations an opportunity to expand their business network, gaining market intelligence at a fraction of the cost of competing alternatives, opening the door to new work opportunities at the best possible stage – early and ahead of the game.

Many other on-line tools alert contractors to new projects once the procurement process has started and key decisions have quite possibly already been made. TenderSpace focuses on opportunities that are still ‘live’ and give contractors the chance to develop business-generating relationships with people that need their areas of expertise.

It is also a brilliant platform for suppliers and manufacturers looking to promote their range of construction materials. TenderSpace allows them to actively promote products and innovations to potential specifiers and customers early in the procurement process, rather than waiting to be found, which is especially important in a time of increased competition from overseas.

Sercha®, TenderSpace’s very own and powerful no-fuss database, has been specifically designed to connect manufacturers and supplier with those who seek their products or services.

Sercha® contains over 11,000 contacts and this number is constantly growing making sourcing materials and services as easy as never before. It is simple and efficient – just type your requirement in Sercha® request box, and it will be send to all the manufacturers and suppliers in the database.

TenderSpace – Founded and Run by the Industry Experts

TenderSpace was founded by commercial property developers David and Emma Stapleton in 2015 when they realised there was a gap in the market and a need for a cost effective solution for the industry.

To ensure the company develops successfully and the platform efficiently addresses every need the industry faces, the founders have assembled an impressively experienced senior management team with expertise in business, architecture, property and construction sectors.

The team is led by Mike Jeffries, TenderSpace Non Executive Chairman and a qualified architect, and Mike Balfour OBE, TenderSpace Non Executive Director and the founder of Fitness First, the world’s largest health club chain.

‘’We have designed a comprehensive, intuitive and flexible suite of tools that will benefit a range of people involved with the property and construction sector. TenderSpace is bringing businesses together and ensuring everyone in the industry is given access to the opportunities which are right for them.

I’m delighted that not only are smaller Project Managers reaping the benefits of our platform, but we are thrilled that some of the biggest Project Management companies in the UK, if not the world, are now on board running projects ranging from high end residential schemes in West London to industrial fit outs.”

David Stapleton, TenderSpace Founder

Launched in January 2016, TenderSpace is already a successful and popular cloud solution for the construction industry. Regardless of a user-company’s size and ambitions TenderSpace effectively helps solve the problems that can hold construction business back.

For more information and your free registration, please visit TenderSpace.

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