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Argent to Create London’s Great Affordable Neighbourhood of Choice

An extended Zone 3 Tube Station, Tottenham Hale
An extended Zone 3 Tube Station, Tottenham Hale
London-based developer Argent and Haringey council have entered into a partnership to transform and regenerate Tottenham Hale turning it into an affordable and desirable area for those who feel the pressure of London property prices.

Argent, the developer behind the King’s Cross regeneration project, has entered into a partnership with Haringey council to redevelop and transform Tottenham Hale.

The strategic partnership with Argent Related is the latest in a series of major investments in Tottenham including a £3 million refurbishment of the Marcus Garvey library and the ‘High Road West’ development near Spurs stadium that will build a new neighbourhood in North Tottenham with 1,400 homes, new business space and a major new public square.

The council has set a very aspirational goal for Tottenham Hale – to become London’s next great affordable neighbourhood, a bustling new centre, a modern and attractive district with an international transport hub, hundreds of new homes in the residential quarter and thousands of new job opportunities.

Argent, the developer that has been chosen by the council as a partner and has already acquired the Ferry Island Retail Park. Argent’s business partner Hermes owns Tottenham Hale Retail Park. Now as a part of the deal other publicly owned sites will be sold to the developer including Tottenham Hale bus station.

The opening phase of the project will see more than 600 new houses built on the acquired land, the first batch of about 300 houses and a new health centre will be started as early as next year.

The council is determined to use the money raised from the sale of the publicly owned sites to ensure that those young professionals and families who are being priced out of London by the ever increasing housing cost can find a good quality family home or an apartment/starter home within their price range in a new and attractive Tottenham Hale.

The proposed residential quarter will be a mix of affordable and open market homes to rent and buy plus great healthcare, education and cultural facilities to support the growing community.

Tottenham Hale can easily become a next Shoreditch if the council and the developer play their cards right. Those moving out of London into the area have enough disposable income; the local authorities need to make sure they want to spend it locally. That’s where retail, entertainment and leisure facilities come into play.

During the next stages of the regeneration project the Hermes owned 22-acre Tottenham Hale Retail Park will be knocked down and a modern town centre-style shopping centre will be built in its place.

Tottenham Bus Station
Tottenham Bus Station

The council is planning to create a safe and attractive network of pedestrian and cycle routes in the area in order to reduce the dominance of cars and commercial traffic and make the streets and public spaces around Tottenham Hale safer, more user-friendly and inviting for pedestrians and cyclists.

An upgrade of the West Anglia main line promised by Network Rail will ensure that trains stop more frequently at Tottenham Hale. The commute to Liverpool Street that already takes just 14 min will be improved even further.

It has also been proposed to make Tottenham Hale a new stop on the proposed £16 billion Crossrail 2 route from Wimbledon to New Southgate.

Transport for London are also taking part in Tottenham Hale transformation project. Planning to redevelop and enhance Tottenham Hale underground station, which is on the Victoria line, in Zone 3, and to build a new concourse and shops around it.

The council hopes that this ambitious transformation plus the fact that in total there are more than 10,000 new homes planned will make Tottenham the perfect place for affordable London living.

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