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About Vox Urban

Vox Urban is an exciting new publication reporting about some of the most creative urban development projects happening in the UK today. First published in March 2016, Vox Urban has already received serious interest from leading lights in urban regeneration and future planning.

Our goal is to highlight some of the most significant and imaginative developments that are happening in UK’s urban areas today. We report on the most progressive towns and cities in the UK as the key players work together to build strong individual identities that will enable their town or city to thrive, both economically and socially.

We consider every aspect of urban development – from the visionaries who have ambitious plans for social improvement, to the architects and designers involved in key infrastructure projects that will make the UK one of the most attractive regions of the world for investment and growth.

We also put a spotlight on the unsung heroes and champions of urban development, those who have the boldness of vision to ensure that the UK remains one of the most developed, socially aware, and business friendly countries to live in in the world today.

If you’re involved in a project that’s making your region a better place, then contact us and we’ll feature your project on Vox Urban.

Commenting Policy

Vox Urban encourages readers to comment, both positively and negatively, on our articles and columns. As you make your voice heard, please keep in mind we encourage posts that:

  • Are on topic
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We do monitor comments. We discourage and will remove comments:

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Questions about our policy? Please contact us.